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Could This Be the Year You Significantly Increase Your Company's Worth?

If your goal is to enhance your company's value, it's crucial to consider how your customers make payments. If your business model revolves around single transactions where customers pay upfront, anticipate that your company's value will be a multiple of your Earnings Before Interest Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA), likely in the single digits.

However, if your model is based on recurring revenue, where customers subscribe and make ongoing payments, your valuation will be calculated as a multiple of your revenue. Companies with recurring revenue tend to attract higher prices from buyers because the future income potential is clear long after your involvement ends. Unsure about establishing recurring revenue?

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Here are four strategies to contemplate:

Business Value Strategies

  1. Subscription for Consumable Products: If you offer a product that customers frequently run out of, consider offering it through a subscription model. For instance, retail giant Target provides diaper subscriptions for busy parents. Dollar Shave Club, known for its subscription-based razor blade service, was acquired by Unilever. The Honest Company, emphasizing environmentally friendly products, generates over 80% of its sales from subscriptions.
  2. Membership Websites: If you provide specialized advice, think about offering premium access to a membership website for subscribers seeking your expertise. Membership websites catering to topics like Search Engine Marketing or restaurant management have gained popularity.
  3. Fixed Monthly Fee for Services: Transitioning from hourly billing to a fixed monthly fee can stabilize cash flow and create predictability for service-oriented businesses. GoBrandGo!, a marketing agency, adopted this approach.
  4. Complementary Services: Identify what additional needs your customers have after purchasing from you. For example, if you design websites, offer hosting services on subscription. If you offer interior design, consider bundling a regular cleaning service with your offerings.
  5. Rental Services: For valuable but infrequently needed items, contemplate offering rental subscriptions. ZipCar offers access to vehicles without the need for ownership, while WeWork provides co-working space without a long-term lease commitment. It's important to note that you don't have to be a software company to implement automatic monthly payments. Adding recurring revenue is one of the most effective ways to increase your business's value this year.

Olemera Financial Services – Business Value Planning Services South Africa

Olemera Financial Services stands as a pivotal partner for businesses in South Africa seeking to strategically elevate their value and secure a prosperous future. With a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics of the local market, Olemera offers a range of invaluable insights and expert guidance on business value planning.

The significance of adopting a recurring revenue model cannot be overstated. Olemera excels in helping businesses transition from conventional transaction-based approaches to sustainable, recurring revenue models, fostering stability, predictability, and long-term financial growth. By leveraging our wealth of experience and specialized strategies, South African businesses can explore avenues like subscription-based product offerings, membership websites for specialized services, streamlined fixed-monthly fee structures, innovative complementary services, and even rental subscription models for valuable yet sporadically utilized assets.

Together with us, businesses can navigate the intricate landscape of creating and implementing these revenue-enhancing strategies seamlessly, ultimately leading to enhanced business valuation and solidifying their position in the ever-evolving South African business landscape.

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