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A Key Personality Trait Shared by Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

In the dynamic world of startups, success stories often highlight ambition and perseverance. But today, we want to share a different key to triumph – the power of discipline.

In this blog, we explore the inspiring journey of Andy Cabasso and Sam Brodie, co-founders of JurisPage, who showed that saying "no" to distractions and staying focused on their vision can lead to remarkable achievements. Their unwavering discipline not only made them leaders in legal marketing but also paved the way for a game-changing 7-figure exit that reshaped their lives forever.

The Power of Discipline – What Does it Actually Mean to be Disciplined?

When interviewing a group of entrepreneurs on the factors that contributed to their success, certain terms like determination, sacrifice, and hard work frequently emerge. Others may humbly attribute their achievements to traits like curiosity, while some may even consider themselves fortunate due to sheer luck. Nonetheless, there is yet another personality trait that significantly unites many accomplished founders: discipline.

Successful entrepreneurs display the discipline to remain steadfast in pursuing their original vision, even when tempted to deviate from the path. They maintain the discipline to adhere to their initial product or service offerings, even when clients request diversions...

They possess the discipline to resist the allure of distractions and stay focused on their core objectives...

As eloquently put by Steve Jobs, the esteemed co-founder of Apple:

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I'm actually as proud of the things we haven't done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to one thousand things.”

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How Saying "No" Led to a 7-Figure Exit

Andy Cabasso's educational background in law led him to co-found JurisPage, an agency that specialized in assisting law firms with their marketing efforts, back in 2013. Together with his partner, Sam Brodie, who excelled in building Google-ranking websites, they carved a niche for their services, becoming popular not only among lawyers but also drawing attention from other businesses in need of organic search results.

Although tempted to explore opportunities beyond their established niche, Cabasso and Brodie consciously declined the chance to work with different companies, recognizing the uniqueness of what they could offer to lawyers.

Understanding the significance of recurring revenue, they made it a requirement for their clients to use JurisPage for website hosting, thereby establishing a stable base of consistent income. Despite alluring offers from prospects to build websites for other hosting services, Cabasso resisted, fully aware that the ongoing revenue from website hosting was fundamental to building a valuable and sustainable business.

Their unwavering discipline eventually paid off when Uptime Legal, an Inc. 5000 company specializing in technology and practice management software for law firms, took notice of their endeavors. The two companies complemented each other seamlessly, leading to Uptime Legal's acquisition of JurisPage in a substantial seven-figure deal that successfully closed in 2016.

The lesson learned from this experience is that while traits like curiosity and determination are crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs, the ability to maintain discipline when faced with tempting opportunities might just be the most vital attribute of all.

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