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Gary Walker

In my role as financial Planner, I develop, strategize and implement customised financial, wealth management and insurance services that grow and protect the wealth of both individual and business clients.


My aim is to deliver a comprehensive range of insurance and financial services to clients seeking to achieve optimal returns. Our wide range of services allows us to deliver optimal results to businesses as well as retirees, sole proprietors and high net-worth individuals – all with the same level of cutting-edge expertise and exceptional client service.


Business financial planning services:

  • Financial planning for businesses, including insurance for individuals, contingent liability insurance, buy and sell agreements.
  • Estate planning and trust services, including asset protection, assistance with company structures, property purchases.
  • Business succession planning.
  • Tax advisory/efficiency services.
  • Commercial and short-term insurances
  • Individual financial planning services:
  • Tax consulting, debt management and budgeting.
  • Estate planning and Trust services.
  • Estate administration, drafting/reviewing legal documents.
  • Advisory services for investments, estate planning, healthcare, insurance, and stockbroking.


I bring the right knowledge, expertise and guidance to the table to identify and assist you or your business in achieving your specific financial and investment goals. By partnering with a Certified Financial planner, you’ll ensure long-term commitment to your financial objectives as well as continuity to safeguard your financial plan.


  • Prioritises client interests.
  • Adheres to the highest standards of professional competence.
  • Can be relied upon to hold all your private and business information securely, as privileged and confidential.

Mobile: 083 600 4966

Email: [email protected]


Debt is Not Always Good, but Not All of it is Bad


The general rule with spending money is that you should only spend what you can afford to spend, on things that you really need. And, if you cannot afford to buy what you really need right now, take a few months to save up for it, rather than taking out unnecessary credit.

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Understanding Debt in South Africa – What is Debt?


Although not all debt is bad, it’s important to know that even good debt can become bad if it’s not managed smartly and you cannot afford to pay it. The unfortunate reality is that South Africa is one of the countries with the most debt in the entire world. What’s worse is that South Africans tend not to save much either.

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