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Revitalizing Your Business with Systems (While Keeping It Engaging)

Have you ever realized that your most innovative ideas often come when you're in the shower? That's because it's a familiar task, giving your mind a few minutes of free space to wander.

Similarly, when employees are provided with specialized systems for routine tasks, they experience this same kind of mental freedom.

The Success of Ethos3 in Fostering Team Creativity

Ethos3, a presentation design company based in Nashville, exemplifies this approach. They focus solely on presentation design, which allows them to create highly efficient systems unlike many other design firms. Their business development process is standardized, including a template proposal outlining slide count, revision limits, and pricing. For project management, they rely on, utilizing templates for each project phase and a consistent delivery method. It's a formulaic approach that just needs implementation.

This systemization of mundane tasks frees up mental space for employees, enabling them to focus their creativity on execution rather than planning. Ethos3's success, evidenced by placing second in the World's Best Presentation Contest and earning admiration from Apple's Guy Kawasaki, demonstrates the effectiveness of this strategy.

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Understanding Employee Needs for Structure and Consistency

As entrepreneurs, we often romanticize the unpredictability of business. However, many employees actually prefer a degree of predictability and structure in their work.

Systems and Creativity: Not Mutually Exclusive

Kathy Kolbe, an author and consultant, developed the Kolbe Index, a personality test that underscores this point. The test assesses individuals on four attributes:

  • Fact Finder: The preference for data collection before decision-making.
  • Follow Through: The affinity for systems, structure, and routine.
  • Quick Start: The tendency to initiate new projects.
  • Implementer: The ability to construct tangible things.

The Kolbe Index reveals that while we all possess a mix of these traits, we typically have a dominant style. Many entrepreneurs score high in "quick start" but low in "follow through," loving the thrill of beginning new ventures but losing interest in the details.

Most employees, in contrast, will likely score higher on "follow through," indicating a need for more structured environments. They might also score higher on "fact finder," suggesting a preference for more data before making decisions.

By specializing and providing your team with standard operating procedures, you're not just giving them the systematic framework they need to excel; you're also freeing their minds to engage in more creative and innovative thinking.

Olemera Financial Services – Business Value Growth Services

Olemera's approach to business consulting seamlessly aligns with the principles of strategic systematization without stifling creativity, as illustrated by Ethos3's success. Olemera understands the unique balance between providing structured frameworks and nurturing innovative thinking, a combination vital for any thriving business.

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