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Our Financial Planners Talk About Daily Habits of Successful People

Our financial planners in Johannesburg would like to talk about daily habits of successful people as well as what success looks like.

As we already know, it takes some time and effort to form a new habit. But once the habit has been formed, behaviour becomes automatic and relatively effortless.

Daily Habits to Improve Life

Before we talk about habits of successful people, our certified financial planners think it’s important to make it clear that success comes in many different shapes and forms.

To be successful doesn’t mean that you need to be a multi-millionaire, or that you should have a beach front mansion and 5 expensive cars.

In fact, success can be measured by things like changing your diet to improve your health, finishing a marathon you have trained for or finally completing your part-time studies after several years of hard work. Success is subjective and there is no one size fits all approach to measuring it.

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Daily Habits of Successful People

Our financial planners have found that the following are some of the most important daily habits of successful people:

They are Organised

Being organised helps you visualise your goals while setting out your priorities and planning your steps. These may be goals and priorities for the week ahead, the month ahead or for the next 5 years.

Either way, being organised can facilitate your progress towards achieving your goals by taking one step at a time instead of feeling your way around in the dark in the hope that you will eventually get to where you want to be.

Organisation also minimises stress which may cloud your mind, hindering your ability to see your goals, dreams and priorities more clearly.

They Take Time to Relax

Relaxation comes more easily to people who are well organised and less stressed as they often have more time to sit down and take a few deep breaths.

Being mindful of your present moment and taking a few minutes of your day to unwind can be hugely beneficial to your energy levels and, more importantly, your focus.

One of the most useful ways to relax is to meditate, even just for 5 or 10 minutes each day. Meditation helps you clear your mind of distracting and noisy thoughts, allowing you to let go of the tension you have gathered throughout the day.

They Take Time for Self-Care Practices

Self-care looks different to everyone but remains an important part of mental and physical health. Successful people put time aside for their preferred self-care practice every day.

Some self-care practices may be a complex, disciplined daily routine, jogging every single day, meal-prepping for the week ahead or simply making your bed every morning before you leave your bedroom.

Regardless of what self-care means to you, making time for yourself to look after your physical and mental well-being can have far-reaching benefits for your energy levels, motivation and overall discipline. These all play a key role in being successful in whatever your endeavours may be.

They Wake Up Early

Early bird gets the worm. This phrase does not exist for no reason. Those who wake up early get more out of their day.

By waking up a few hours before the work day starts, you afford yourself the time to prepare for the day or to give some attention to your personal projects.

This extra time in the morning also makes it possible to complete your self-care practices and to get things done without having to rush.

A rushed morning often sets a stressful tone for the rest of the day; if you are late and under pressure for the first task of the day, it’s likely the same will apply to the rest of your day’s tasks.

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They Take Action

What sets successful people apart is the fact that they take action, whether they feel ready or not. Those who struggle to succeed will find a reason why they are not ready to take the first step (or giant leap of faith) towards achieving their dreams.

In addition, successful people don’t only take action once or twice. Instead, they are consistently taking action and making moves to progress forward towards success.

They Have a Positive Attitude

Life is full of ups and downs and successful people choose not to get weighed down by the daily struggles they face.

It takes practice to find the silver lining in every situation but a positive attitude that can get you through almost anything.

They are Frugal

People often think of frugality as being greedy or stingy. However, being frugal mean that you are economical and make wise financial choices.

The best way to be financially efficient is to make choices that stretch your money as far as it can go and the most effective way to do this is to work with a financial planner.

Successful people avoid overspending, or spending money they don’t have on things they don’t need. In doing so, they fast track their savings and also make more money available to themselves for rainy days.

Olemera – Certified Financial Planners in Johannesburg

Although wealth is the first thing people think of when they talk about being successful, there are also other important ways to measure success.

However, when we are financially stable or independent, we can focus less energy on trying to make money and more on achieving our personal goals.

Our financial advisors can help you develop a financial plan that will help you make your money work for you in the most efficient way possible so that you can turn your attention towards your goals.

For more information about our financial services, please feel free to contact us.

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