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Advice from our Financial Advisors in Johannesburg

Olemera financial advisors in Johannesburg are committed to providing high-quality, strategic and comprehensive financial advice to every one of our clients.

Our number one priority is to ensure that we fully understand and appreciate every influencing factor and circumstance before offering financial planning advice.

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What is Financial Planning?

An important thing to note is that financial planning is an ongoing process that is aimed at meeting your life goals through a disciplined and systematic arrangement of your personal finances.

Your financial plan should be revisited periodically or as your circumstances change. Regardless, the fundamental purpose of a financial plan is to help you stay on track towards your goals no matter where you are financially.

Like most things in life, without a financial plan in place, you may find yourself wondering around aimlessly with no idea which road to take next.

Financial planning also doesn’t happen overnight or in one go. It’s a process that consists of a few fundamental steps.

Objectives of Financial Planning

The following are the main objectives of financial planning:

  • To determine capital requirements for both short- and long-term requirements
  • To determine capital structure
  • To frame financial policies with regard to budget, credits and debits
  • To ensure that scarce financial resources are utilized optimally

Financial Planning Steps

Generally speaking, there are 6 main steps in the financial planning process.

Establishing and Defining a Relationship

This usually takes place in the first meeting we have with you. In this meeting, we provide you with information about ourselves and we gain a clear understanding of your needs.

We believe that a key factor to financial success is developing a professional, trusting relationship with you first and foremost. In order to do so, we:

  • Explain in detail the process that will be followed
  • Identify your needs and scope of advice you require
  • Make sure we understand your needs and our responsibilities
  • Discuss openly what our services entail and cost
  • Obtain your consent to proceed with the next steps
Gathering Information

A meaningful financial plan depends largely on clear and concise goals along with accurate information related to your current financial situation.

This includes making sure we understand what your short- and long-term financial goals before setting a mutually acceptable time-frame for results.

We also take a look at your concerns, aspirations, challenges, objectives and attitude towards investment opportunities and other risks.

Comprehensive and transparent information helps develop a strategy that is appropriate and attainable.

Analysing Your Current Financial Status

In this step, our financial advisors in Johannesburg take a careful look at the information provided by you to assess where you currently stand in relation to the goals you would like to achieve.

This typically involves an analysis of:

  • Your balance sheet – cash flow, liabilities, assets
  • Current risk portfolio
  • Discretionary and compulsory retirement investments
  • Estate planning structures and last will and testament
Developing and Presenting Recommendations

Based on the outcome of the analysis, we formulate a financial plan which sets out the details of our recommendations and suggested strategies for achieving your goals.

This plan will:

  • Take an in depth look at your existing financial arrangements
  • Involve laying out a plan for the future
  • Cover your assets, income, liabilities and investments
  • Look at a contingency plan
  • Include a will and other estate planning structures
  • Cover other specific personal needs that you may have

This plan is presented to you first before we discuss it in detail with you to give you the opportunity to ask questions and share any concerns you may have.


This stage involves a discussion around how the recommendations will be implemented and carried out. Usually, our financial advisors carry out the recommendations on your behalf or we act as your coach as we guide you through the action plan. This often involves ensuring the coordination between you, the plan and other relevant professionals.

Monitoring and Reviewing

Although this is the final stage, the financial planning process doesn’t end here. This stage is ongoing and involves the periodic assessment and re-evaluation of your plan.

This may sometimes involve adjusting your strategies according to the economic climate as well as your personal circumstances which may have changed.

With regular reviews of your plan, we are able to take pro-active measures to ensure you stay ahead of the game at all times.

Financial Planning Services

Our financial advisors in Johannesburg offer the following services:

Olemera – Financial Advisors in Johannesburg

Your financial future depends on a carefully compiled financial plan that takes into consideration your unique and individual needs, goals and circumstances.

The value of having one of our financial advisors by your side to help you navigate your way towards long-term financial security is immeasurable.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like any more information about our financial planning services.

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