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Optimize Your Business Processes Without Sacrificing Innovation

Ever had a brilliant idea strike you in the shower? It's a common occurrence - those precious moments of solitude where your mind is free to wander and explore. As you go about your daily routine, you find that your mind has a few minutes to itself, and it capitalizes on that opportunity.

Well, guess what? Your employees deserve a similar mental escape when it comes to their work tasks, and you can achieve this by introducing systematic approaches.

Let us explain.

Unlocking Creative Potential through Specialization: The Ethos3 Story

Take the example of Ethos3, a design company based in Nashville, specializing in creating captivating presentation designs. What sets them apart is their unwavering focus on one thing, allowing them to systematize their processes with remarkable efficiency compared to many other design firms.

Ethos3 has a well-defined business development method. They've crafted a templated proposal that outlines the number of slides, revision limits, and pricing formulas - it's a structured recipe for success. When it comes to project management, they rely on, using templates at each stage of the development process. Their project delivery approach remains consistent, akin to adding water to a mix.

By providing employees with clear procedures for routine tasks, you liberate them from the burden of figuring out what to do and empower them to channel their creative energies into how to do it. This approach has catapulted Ethos3 to second place in the World's Best Presentation Contest, and even Apple pioneer Guy Kawasaki sings their praises.

As entrepreneurs, it's easy to assume that everyone craves the thrill of forging uncharted paths, navigating the unknown. However, the reality is that many of your employees yearn for structure and consistency.

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Systems: Not the Creativity Killers You Might Think

It's a common misconception that systems stifle creativity, but author and consultant Kathy Kolbe has developed a personality test that challenges this notion. The Kolbe Index assesses individuals across four personality attributes:

  1. Fact Finder: This attribute gauges one's preference for collecting data before making decisions.
  2. Follow Through: It measures an individual's inclination towards systems, structure, and routine.
  3. Quick Start: This quantifies one's propensity to initiate new endeavors.
  4. Implementer: It evaluates one's aptitude for building and constructing.

Interestingly, Kolbe's test reveals that we all possess a bit of each attribute, but there's typically a dominant operating style. Entrepreneurs often score high on "Quick Start" and low on "Follow Through" - a classic combination indicating a love for starting things but a tendency to lose interest in details.

Your employees, on the other hand, often score higher in "Follow Through," signifying a preference for structure and routine. They may also score higher on "Fact Finder," indicating a need for more information before making decisions.

By embracing specialization and equipping your team with standard operating procedures, you grant your employees the mental space to unleash their creativity while providing the structure they thrive on.

In the world of business, it's about striking a balance between innovation and efficiency, and systematic processes can be the bridge that brings the best of both worlds. So, consider systematizing your business operations and watch as your team flourishes creatively within the structured framework.

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