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Preparing Your Company for When You go on Maternity Leave

While the prospect of maternity leave brings joy and anticipation, it also calls for some strategic planning to ensure that your business thrives in your absence. As you prepare to welcome the newest addition to your family, it's crucial to consider how your company will continue to flourish during this significant phase of your life.

Our financial advisors in Johannesburg can provide you with expert insights to help you gracefully navigate maternity leave while safeguarding the success of your business.

The first question you should be asking is:

What is the level of efficiency your company maintains in your absence from work?

The response to this inquiry significantly impacts your business's value. If your company can continue functioning effectively during your absence, it will score positively on the "Hub & Spoke" principle, which plays a crucial role in enhancing your company's worth.

To grasp the concept of the Hub & Spoke value driver, envision a major airport like Chicago's O'Hare or London's Heathrow. These airports serve as centralized routing locations for various airlines that depend on them. The system operates smoothly until a snowstorm or any major disruption occurs, causing the hub to shut down and the entire transportation network to come to a standstill.

Now, consider yourself as the hub, and your business relies on you for handling critical matters. This system works efficiently as long as you are present, but the moment you are no longer there to oversee everything, potential buyers or investors may undervalue your business substantially.

The key to mitigating this risk is to thoroughly document your standard operating procedures, ensuring that your employees have clear instructions on how to proceed with tasks and operations in your absence. By doing so, you empower your team to maintain the company's efficiency and value even when you are not around.

preparing your business for maternity leave

How a Maternity Leave Gave Rise to a Business Ready for Acquisition

Similar to many young couples, Ben and Ariel Zvaifler decided to get a puppy and faced the challenge of training and caring for their new furry friend. Recognizing that they were not alone in this endeavor, they conceived the idea of launching PupBox, a subscription box service tailored for new puppy owners.

Ariel Zvaifler played a pivotal role in the company's operations, taking special care in curating products and ensuring attractive packaging for each PupBox. She paid attention to every detail, from the selection of items to the shipping process, ensuring that customers had a delightful experience when receiving their PupBox.

However, when Ariel discovered that she was expecting their second child, she realized the importance of establishing a business that could function seamlessly without her presence. She embarked on a mission to document all the standard operating procedures meticulously. Over a span of six months, she compiled comprehensive instructions for her team, covering everything from product ordering and merchandising to box shipment. By the time she was ready to give birth, PupBox had transformed into a self-sustaining entity capable of operating efficiently without her direct involvement.

These carefully documented standard operating procedures turned out to be a pivotal factor in PupBox's growth and eventual acquisition by the giant pet retailer, Petco, in 2017. The business's ability to demonstrate its self-sufficiency and organization during Ariel's maternity leave made it an attractive and valuable prospect for acquisition.

Achieving a Self-Sustaining Company: Steps to Operate Without Your Presence

  1. Task Breakdown: Carefully analyze your role within the company and break it down into specific tasks and responsibilities. Identify crucial processes that require your input for smooth functioning.
  2. Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Prepare detailed instructions for each task, outlining step-by-step procedures and best practices. Ensure clarity and comprehensiveness in your SOPs so that your team can execute tasks effectively in your absence.
  3. Knowledge Testing: Take a short break, such as a couple of vacation days, and observe how your team handles the workload using the SOPs. Identify any gaps or areas of improvement that need further clarification.
  4. Refine SOPs: Based on the feedback and observations from your knowledge testing, enhance the SOPs by adding more details and addressing the identified gaps. Continuously improve and refine the procedures to make them foolproof.
  5. Gradual Absence: Start taking longer breaks from work, gradually increasing your time away. Monitor your team's performance during these extended periods and make necessary adjustments when you return.
  6. Simulate Extended Leave: Eventually, aim to simulate an extended absence, akin to a maternity or paternity leave. During this time, your company should be fully capable of operating smoothly without relying heavily on your direct involvement.

By implementing these steps and empowering your team with comprehensive SOPs, you can ensure that your company runs efficiently even when you're not there, providing you with the freedom and flexibility to focus on other aspects of your life while maintaining a successful business.

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