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Long-Term Financial Stability and Finding Employment

Long-term financial stability depends largely on finding employment. However, finding the right employment for you is even more important than finding just any job.

Finding the right job according to your qualifications, skills and experience can ensure job satisfaction and, in turn, long-term job security.

long-term financial stability

How to Find Employment – Long-Term Financial Stability

Finding employment can be stressful, challenging and tiresome. This is especially true when you are feeling your way around in the dark.

There are certain things that you can do that will improve your chances of finding a job that is best suited to you.

Easily one of the most important things to know when job hunting is how to market yourself correctly.

Marketing yourself properly can dramatically increase your chances of landing your dream job as it makes you more noticeable among other candidates.

How to Market Yourself Correctly

Identify Your Strengths

A good place to start is to think about all your strengths, skills and accomplishments. These are things that make you stand out.

Try and remember compliments that you have received from previous employers and in which areas you thrive and excel.

This gives you an opportunity to explore why you chose your career or line of work so that when you are asked the inevitable “why do you want this job?”, you can provide an authentic, confident answer.

Get Referrals and Testimonials

Referrals and testimonials from previous employers, lecturers or any other individual who you have worked or networked with along the way.

This is a way to provide real-life feedback about your skills and expertise from people who have first-hand experience working or interacting with you.

Testimonials and referrals give you more credibility and can be used as success stories during your interview with a potential employer. This is proof that you are capable of doing what you say you can.

Be Social

Social networking platforms can help you get your personal brand noticed. These platforms allow you to create profiles that provide details about who you are, what you're interested in, your qualifications and experience.

In addition, you can also network with people at events and social gatherings. By going out and meeting people in a relaxed environment, you create the opportunity to build relationships as well as your network of important or useful contacts.

Dress to Impress

Although your external is not what matters the most, it does indeed matter. A professional appearance can create an everlasting impression on potential employers.

When attending an interview, always make sure you look presentable. Always wear clean, ironed clothes, neat shoes and make sure your hair is neat and tidy.

Develop a Personal Pitch

This is also known as an elevator pitch and is a short speech about you, your background, experience and the kind of employment you seek.

This pitch can be used at any opportunity that you see fit, whether it's during social events, interviews or other meetings.

It’s important to practice your elevator pitch so that you can recite it with ease and confidence. This shows you have put thought into explaining why you would be a suitable candidate for the position you're applying for.

Olemera Financial Advisors in Johannesburg – Long-Term Financial Stability

The task of finding employment can become enjoyable when you put effort and thought into it. By following these guidelines, you are given the opportunity to explore yourself, your abilities and what would make you an excellent employee.

Once you're aware of your strengths, skills and expertise, you are able to market yourself with confidence, thereby instilling a sense of trust in potential employers.

Finding employment is an essential part of building long-term financial stability and can help you build your financial profile.

If you would like more information on our services, please don’t hesitate to contact our financial advisors in Johannesburg.

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