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Financial Consultant in Johannesburg Talks About Leaving a Legacy

If you’re looking for a financial consultant in Johannesburg that can provide you with sound advice to help you leave behind a legacy, then you have come to the right place.

Many people want to be well-known, loved and respected during their lives but few have thought about what they will leave behind.

Have you ever asked yourself “what do I want to be remembered for?”

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Olemera – Financial Services South Africa

Every person has a different idea of what a legacy should be. However, our financial advisors have spent some time deliberating on what could be the best legacy to leave behind for your children.

We took into consideration all the stories we have heard along the way, from many different walks of life and realised that some of the best legacies are less tangible than financial ones, but no less or more important.

Intellectual Legacy

This type of legacy is what you teach your children as they are growing up. As a parent, you want to equip your children with as much knowledge and information as possible.

Education, knowledge and skills are three of the things that can never be taken away but can be used to nurture a meaningful and successful life.

To leave an intellectual legacy is to foster a keen sense for learning new things, exploring new ideas and challenging old patterns of thought.

Through this, your children will always remember you as the one who taught them what they know and loved them enough to teach them that knowledge is power.

Moral Legacy

When we talk about morals, we talk about the internal compass which governs how we treat and interact with others.

Morals are what nudges us in the right direction when we are faced with two or more options.

Children learn their morals and guiding principles through bearing witness to their parents and the way they interact with other individuals.

By building your children’s foundation on values such as empathy, honesty, trust, courage and patience, you are leaving behind a moral legacy for which you will always be loved and remembered.

Financial Legacy

Many parents work tirelessly to build a nest-egg for their children for one day. This is known as a financial legacy and its purpose is to ensure your children have a good financial starting point after you have passed away.

By putting all the necessary safeguards in place during your living years, you ensure that your financial legacy is handled properly and according to your wishes.

Such a legacy is a beautiful blessing and one of the biggest gifts any parent could offer their child.

However, without leaving behind intellectual and moral legacies, your children might not be equipped to manage their inheritance wisely and therefore, your legacy might not live on as long as it should.

Olemera – Financial Consultant in Johannesburg

One of the biggest parts of ensuring that you leave behind a financial legacy is to commit to the process of financial planning during your life.

If you would like to speak to a financial consultant in Johannesburg, one of our advisors at Olemera would be happy to assist you.

To find out more about our financial planning services in Johannesburg, please feel free to contact us.

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