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September 2019 - Don't leave it to your man

Posted On: Sunday, September 1, 2019

This week's best articles, alongside short snippets of miscellaneous interestingness that you won't want to miss out on.

Don't leave it to your man

It should come as no surprise that women have different financial needs and therefore different financial planning needs to men. Although the world of work has seen dranatic changes in the last half century, women are still paid less than men, and are less promoted to management positions in many industries.

Add to the above that women take time off work to bear children, but live longer than men, and you have a interesting recipe for retirement. It is, however, a big surprise that many women still leave financial planning, for life insurance and retirement pensions to their husbands & partners.

This woman's day, then, should have been the catalyst for women to seek to understand what needs to be done to secure their financial futures.

Don't delay, contact me, to help you take charge of yours! 

Check out our new articles below:


The Importance of Financial Planning for Single Mothers

Sound financial advice for single parents, especially single mothers, can make a significant impact on their overall financial situation. Apart from the fact that single motherhood is emotionally challenging, it can also be difficult to stay afloat financially.

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Financial Advice and Tips for the Modern-Day Woman

With more focus being placed on gender equality through equal job opportunities and shared responsibility, financial advice for modern women is more important now than ever before. Women are more driven to be financially independent than ever before. This means that the modern-day woman no longer feels compelled to depend on her partner or anyone else for financial support.

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Tips for Careful Estate Planning to Protect your Legacy

Estate planning is an essential part of the overall financial strategy to secure a financially stable and sustainable future. There are many parts that make up the whole, all of which need to be addressed in order to protect the legacy you leave behind and all the rightful heirs and beneficiaries.

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The Importance of a Life Insurance Policy and Disability Planning

Investing in a life insurance policy as well as disability insurance cover is one of the most important things you can do for your family. Many people believe that having policies means that they are wastefully spending their money rather than investing it. However, policies like these are some of the most responsible ways to use your money.

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Advice from our Financial Advisors in Johannesburg


Olemera financial advisors in Johannesburg are committed to providing high-quality, strategic and comprehensive financial advice to every one of our clients.

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